Raising digital entrepreneurs.

SEED Foundation is a non governmental organisation that promotes entrepreneurship by empowering people with a unique blend of digital and entrepreneurial skills.  We understand that technology is a defining factor in the emerging global economy. We intend therefore to empower the people by equipping them with skills and know-how that will enable them to access business and career opportunities in the digital economy.

We understand that relevant business knowledge when planted on a receptive mind and properly nurtured will grow into a successful businesses just as a viable seed planted on a fertile soil grows into a big tree.

Reaching millions with life changing skills & knowledge.

SEED foundation aims at reaching millions of youths and budding entrepreneurs with skills and the know-how to access and exploit business opportunities in the emerging digital economy. We partner other training organizations and also leverage various media including Social media, digital audio media, Mobile apps and online interactions to reach the target audience.

 We have special interest in use of technology as the world has become digital and the dynamics of business are being driven majorly by technology. We are committed to helping budding entrepreneurs turn their start-ups to international brands leveraging technology, and by so doing help the nation’s economy to grow.